The Impending Visit

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2 Responses

  1. Robyn says:

    Your friend is probably trying to do what she sees as a good thing for you. She is not you and can’t know the depth of the feelings in you, how your thoughts swirl and dive and twist and turn…until you are exhausted.
    In practical terms, buy all the food you could need and ask her to toss the salad and mix the drinks. Make their room up a couple of days before and then shut the door.
    Breathe in, breathe out…repeat. The butterflies will be there when you return.

  2. Cat Amongst Wolves says:

    Very good advice. I’ll get through it eventually and get back to my butterflies. I wish that I could explain to her how I feel, but I suspect that it’s so very different to how she feels that it would be impossible for her to ever understand or accept it. We talk about all sorts of things together, but somehow this subject is still taboo.

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