About Me

I’m a female from the UK who was diagnosed at age 49 with ‘Childhood Autism’ using the ICD-10 (aka Classic Autism, aka Autism).   I always knew that I was different, I just didn’t know why.

I swear, drink pints, play poker and have a sense of rhythm that the Devil would envy.  I also like jewellery, bright colours, sparkly things and flowers.

Although I have a post-graduate degree, I’ve spent my life doing low paid/temporary jobs because I can’t pass job interviews (more on that later).  So long as I have enough money to survive, I can honestly say that I no longer care and have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to the pursuit of happiness.

This blog is about my everyday life and how being autistic affects it (amongst other things).  I hope that it will be useful to those who are or who suspect that they might be on the spectrum, as well as being an interesting read for those who aren’t.  I usually try to find the humour in most things and I hope that my writings reflect this.

Enjoy, Cat